A Christian charity supporting homeless men and women
Welcome to the web presence of Ecumenical Christian Welfare
Celebrating 10 years service at Pingaree House!
We are a small but vibrant and committed charity that works to relieving the immediate and longer term housing needs of the most marginalised people within our Society.

We are a Christian charity, open to all people, regardless of religion, beliefs or other barrier. You will find us working with the homeless, those with mental health issues, recently released prisoners, those special people with special needs.

We are a totally unfunded organisation and rely on the good will of people like you to keep us going. For more information about our work, and how you can help, please look around our site.
Thank you for visiting our site - we hope to see you back soon
Please note our new telephone number from 04/01/2017
02 8677 7762 
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The crowd gathers for the official opening


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